Midwest Economic Policy Institute (MEPI)

The Midwest Economic Policy Institute is an assumed name of the Illinois Economic Policy Institute used when the researched policy, project, or market primarily impacts the Midwest region extending beyond the borders of Illinois. The Midwest Economic Policy Institute believes states must collaborate and learn from one another to build a high-road economy that works for all families. To that aim, the Midwest Economic Policy Institute supports timely, candid, and dynamic research on major subjects affecting Midwestern economies, specializing in infrastructure investment and the construction industry. MEPI educates the public and lawmakers through reports, publications, forums, conferences, the media, and social media.

MEPI uses reliable research techniques to evaluate working conditions, industries, labor standards, fiscal conditions, and policy changes throughout the region. Subjects of interest include (but are not limited to): prevailing wage legislation, right-to-work and collective bargaining laws, employee misclassification, project labor agreements, public and private transportation investment, the utilities and energy industries, and human capital investment of the region’s youth and workers.

The Impact of Prevailing Wage Laws and Military Veterans: An Economic and Labor Market Analysis

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