Research Reports

ILEPI Research Reports provide highly-technical analysis of particular policies, practices, or subjects of strategic interest. In each report, ILEPI partners with academic affiliates to determine the effects of the policy or practice on economic outcomes, contributing to the extant academic literature. Though advanced in statistical approach, each Research Report is intended to be accessible to the public and to lawmakers.

The Impact of Prevailing Wage Laws and Military Veterans: An Economic and Labor Market Analysis

The Impact of Prevailing Wage Laws and Military Veterans: Report Fact Sheet

The State of the Unions 2016: A Profile of Unionization in Chicago, in Illinois, and in America

The State of the Unions 2016: A Profile of Unionization in Indianapolis, in Indiana, and in America

An Analysis of the Impact of Prevailing Wage Thresholds On Public Construction: Implications for Illinois

The History of Economic Inequality in Illinois: 1850 – 2014

The Economic, Fiscal, and Social Impacts of State Prevailing Wage Laws: Choosing Between the High Road and the Low Road in the Construction Industry

Towards the High Road in the New Hampshire Construction Industry: The Impact of a State Prevailing Wage Law

A Flowing Economy: How Clean Water Infrastructure Investments Support Good Jobs in Chicago and in Illinois

Policies that Support Employment: Investments in Public Education, Investments in Public Infrastructure, and a Balanced State Budget

The Cost of Repealing Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Policy: Impacts on Total Construction Costs and Economic Activity

The State of the Unions 2015: A Profile of Unionization in Chicago, in Illinois, and in America

The Impact of Local “Right-to-Work” Zones: Predicting Outcomes for Workers, the Economy, and Tax Revenues in Illinois

Free-Rider States: How Low-Wage Employment in “Right-to-Work” States Is Subsidized by the Economic Benefits of Collective Bargaining

Common Sense Construction: The Economic Impacts of Indiana’s Common Construction Wage

The State of the Unions 2014: A Profile of Unionization in Chicago, in Illinois, and in America

Minimum Wage, Maximum Benefit: How a $10 Wage Floor Impacts All Workers and the Economy

A Weakened State: The Economic and Social Impacts of Repeal of the Prevailing Wage Law in Illinois

Which Labor Market Institutions Reduce Income Inequality? Labor Unions, Prevailing Wage Laws, and Right-to-Work Laws in the Construction Industry

Policy Briefs

ILEPI Policy Briefs provide original analysis on policies, practices, and projects of strategic interest. In each report, ILEPI analyzes the costs and benefits of the subject, debunks common misperceptions, and informs the public on whether the policy, practice, or project should be carried out for the benefit of Illinois. Policy Briefs conclude with detailed recommendations for policymakers and lawmakers.

Analysis of Graduated Income Tax Proposal: Amendment to House Bill 689

The Application and Impact of Labor Union Dues in Illinois: An Organizational and Individual-Level Analysis

Revenue Solutions to the State Budget Crisis in Illinois: A Comparative Evaluation

The Impacts of New Mexico House Bills 110 & 200 (2016): Policy Brief

Illinois Can No Longer Afford to Be a Donor State: Illinois Ranks 46th in Federal Funding

The I-RIDE Proposal: Policy Brief Version 2.0

Road and Bridge Construction Workers in the Midwest: Productive, High-Skilled, and Well-Paid

A Turnaround or a Turn Aground? Fact Checking Governor Rauner’s First Claims

The I-RIDE Proposal: A Smart, Reliable Policy to Fund Transportation Infrastructure

The IN-RIDE Proposal: A Modern, Sustainable Policy to Fund Transportation Infrastructure

Self-Sufficient Construction Workers: Why Prevailing Wage Laws are the Best Deal for Taxpayers

Collaborative Development: The Pros and Cons of P3s on Construction Projects

The Benefits of Doing Business in Illinois: Policy Brief

In Defense of the Illiana Expressway: Benefits to Workers, Businesses, and Families

The Benefits of the Illiana Expressway: An Opportunity for Indiana

A Weakened State: The Economic and Social Impacts of Repeal of the Prevailing Wage Law in Illinois (Policy Brief)

The Economic Effects of Adopting a Right-to-Work Law: Implications for Illinois

Economic Commentaries

ILEPI Economic Commentaries provide a snapshot into particular policies, practices, or the aspects of the Illinois economy. In each report, ILEPI investigates the facts, informing the public and lawmakers on the condition of the topic of interest. Economic Commentaries conclude with broad policy recommendations that may be expanded upon in Policy Briefs.

The Rise of Wage Inequality in Illinois: In Two Graphs

Road Infrastructure Investment Summary: Illinois vs. Texas

Insuring Illinois: The Affordable Care Act Has Expanded Health Coverage

Two Sides of the Same Gold Coin: School Construction and Water Quality Projects in Iowa

A $10 Billion Loss: Illinois’ Motor Fuel Tax Should Have an Inflationary Adjustment

Competency Needed: Addressing Iowa’s Skilled Construction Worker Shortage

Stop Saying that Illinois is Bad for Business: The Data Show Otherwise

Causes of Indiana’s Road Funding Gap: Inflation, Fuel Efficiency, and Inaction

The Cost of Construction Injuries and Fatalities in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa: Economic Commentary

The Views of Economics and Policy Academics in Illinois: Economic Commentary

Collective-Bargaining, Right-to-Work, and the Business Location of America’s Top Companies: Economic Commentary

Unions Can Increase Efficiency: Ten Examples

Building a Strong Lake County: How Prevailing Wage Works

Localized Disempowerment: The Movement to Implement Right-to-Work ‘Zones’

Building a Strong DuPage County: How Prevailing Wage Works

Building a Strong Kane County: How Prevailing Wage Works

Efficiencies of Project Labor Agreements: Illinois Capital Development Board Projects, 2011-2013

The Major Victims of Right-to-Work Laws: Construction Workers

The Distribution of I-RIDE Revenues: 2015 Local Allotments

Illinois Income Report: How Are You Doing This Tax Season?

Infrastructure Investment and Public Safety Spending: Economic Impacts for Illinois

Prevailing Wage Laws, Contractor Profits, and the Economic Pie: Economic Commentary

Illinois Teens and the Minimum Wage: The Impacts of Minimum Wage Hikes, 2004-2013

The Pay of Union Leaders: Debunking the “Big” Labor Myth

Road User Fees: A Smoother Path

Building a Strong McHenry: How Prevailing Wage Works

P3s: Where Wall Street Meets Main Street

Illinois Federal Income Taxes: By Occupation, 2011-2013.

Union and Nonunion Households: General Social Survey, 2000-2012

Broken Promises: Right-to-Work’s Early Track Record in Indiana

A State of Lost Labor: Who Are the Unemployed in Illinois?

The State of Working Illinois 2013: Labor in the Land of Lincoln

Illiana Expressway Jobs: Summary of Job Creation Estimates

Increasing Horizontal Construction through the Gas Tax: Benefits to Clinton County, IA

Vehicular Infrastructure Investment: Illinois vs. Missouri

Highway Construction Costs: How Does Illinois Compare?

Off-Roading?: Analyzing Diversions from Illinois’ Road Fund

The Proper Role of Government in the Economy: Economic Commentary

Policy Presentations

The I-RIDE Proposal: ILEPI-IIIFFC PowerPoint

The Negative Impacts of “Right-to-Work” Laws: PowerPoint

The Economic Effects of Prevailing Wages: PowerPoint

Testimonies Powered by ILEPI

Transportation and Construction in Illinois: Fact Sheet

Prevailing Wage Laws and “Right-to-Work” Laws: Fact Sheet

U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce: Robert Bruno on “Right-to-Work”

McHenry County College Board of Trustees: Frank Manzo IV on Prevailing Wage

Illinois Senate: Marc Poulos on Prevailing Wage

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