Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement

Founded in 2013, the Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI) is a nonprofit organization which uses advanced statistics, reliable surveying techniques, and the latest forecasting models to empower individuals, policymakers, and lawmakers to make informed choices on questions of public policy. ILEPI provides timely, candid, and dynamic analyses on issues affecting the economies of Illinois and the Midwest, specializing in the construction industry.

Our Values

  • ILEPI is committed to providing rigorous, objective, and methodologically sound analysis.

  • ILEPI is committed to policies which invest in the future of Illinois, the region, and the nation.

  • ILEPI is committed to research which advances high-quality jobs and a strong economy.

  • ILEPI is committed to helping foster accountable, effective, and responsible governments.

  • ILEPI is committed to positively contributing to the policy dialogue.

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