Tell Midwest Governors we need Climate Action Plans to help prevent costly impacts of extreme weather that could harm our communities, infrastructure, and state economies.

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Protect our Infrastructure from Changing Climate

Dear Midwest Governor:

The increasing frequency of extreme weather events in the United States is a reminder that our climate is changing. Please adopt and implement a Climate Action Plan to prevent the potentially costly impacts these changes could bring to our communities, infrastructure, and economy.

Research shows that average temperatures are up 4.5 degrees, heavy precipitation days are up 27%, and Great Lakes ice coverage is down, and there are more frequent freeze-thaw cycles across the Midwest.

These climate changes are already reducing the lifespan of our roads, bridges, and railways and affecting aircraft performance. The threat of more powerful storms and flooding could disrupt freight and commuter routes and threaten above-ground electricity transmission lines.

To prevent more of the costly disasters we are seeing across our country, we are asking you to conduct a full review of existing infrastructure to identify potential vulnerabilities, incorporate today’s climate realities into future project planning, limit new development in areas that have already experienced weather-related damage, and adopt statewide greenhouse gas emissions targets.