Rebuild Illinois Legislation

The Rebuild Illinois capital plan was enacted in June 2019 through the passage of four bills, which are summarized below. Fact sheets and links to the full text of each bill are also included.

SB 1939

Public Act 101-0032

SB 1939 details the funding for horizontal infrastructure construction – or transportation funding. The motor fuel tax (MFT) increase, in addition to other transportation fee increases, are outlined in this bill.

SB 690

Public Act 101-0031

SB 690 details the funding for vertical infrastructure construction. All gambling language – including casino/riverboat expansion, video gaming, and sports wagering – is outlined in this bill. Additionally, the cigarette tax, parking excise tax, and sales tax expansion language is also included.

HB 142

Public Act 101-0030

HB 142 details the bonding authority and newly created state funds to finance Rebuild Illinois. Also known as the Rebuild Illinois Capital Financing Program Act of 2019, this bill makes changes to the State Finance Act, General Obligation Bond Act, Build Illinois Bond Act, and Regional Transportation Authority Act to provide the appropriate funding.

HB 62

Public Act 101-0029

HB 62 is the project list of Rebuild Illinois. It details specific capital improvement projects that are planned statewide, including projects for transportation, schools, higher education, state facilities, broadband, water infrastructure, parks, non-governmental organizations, and many others. The HB 62 Summary provides an overview of all projects included and maps them by municipality.