Funding Breakdown: Transit Agencies

Of the $1.9 billion in new annual transportation funding generated by fee increases in Rebuild Illinois, approximately 12% is dedicated to transit agencies, as summarized below.

Distribution of Annual Transportation Funding Between State and Local Governments

For the first time in state history, transit agencies across Illinois receive dedicated annual capital funds, with the majority going to the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA). The RTA is a regional organization that provides financial and planning oversight for the three major transit agencies in the Chicago region: the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Pace suburban bus, and Metra commuter rail.

In addition to dedicated, annual capital funding, transit agencies statewide receive further funding through Rebuild Illinois’ bonding component. The following transit and passenger rail projects were outlined in the project list of Rebuild Illinois (Public Act 101-0029). The RTA receives $2.7 billion, while IDOT receives $204 million for public transportation improvements.

Public Transportation and Passenger Rail Projects Included in Rebuild Illinois (Public Act 101-0029)